Huangshi Zhongcheng Automation Technology Co. ,Ltd
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About us

Huangshi Zhongcheng Automation Technology Co. ,Ltd , founded in 1995, is the advanced manufacturing logistic automation technology and equipment supplier specialized in the research, development, application of SZD self-actuated carrier (hoist) earliest in our country. We provide systematic solutions for the factories' coating, welding, stamping and final assembly automatic production lines. Now there are 375 employees and 80 of them are professional technicians. The production capacity is over 200 million yuan.

The scope of our products: SZD self-actuated carrier, HZD Intelligence overhead control crane, KDK light crane, Accumulation suspension chain conveyors, PY rotary road indoor vehicle end gas acceptation and emission system, frictional conveyance system, Lifting station, BP Single / double –board transportation Equipment, Earth intelligence carrier and moving machine system, HQ Sliding track system, DT Ground chain conveying system, Barb-plate conveyor, GZT Rolling Conveyor, Jig & fixture, Non-standard equipments i.e. Above the products have been used in auto, motor, construction machinery, motorcycle, light household appliance i.e. and have been accepted by customers with high reputation.
The company has the approvals which comes from local customers and government of home & abroad, and the products has been exported to Middle East, India, Africa, Latin America , Russia, and USA  with the management of company and quality of products improving. We overcame the key technical challenges of bus and heavy and heavy load workpieces electrophoresis transmission , broke through the blockade of the technology abroad and filled domestic gap in research development and application promotion of intelligent heavy load programmable vehicle. All the indicators reached the international advanced levels. The initial use of it has won high recognition of the leaders and experts of Yutong Bus, and obtained a second application in its production capacity expansion project.
★The company has got the B installation and Maintenance certification
★The company has got the title of Hubei New & High-tech enterprise
★The company enjoy a international management, and has passed the ISO9000 in 2004
The company has a professional team: the mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and enjoying technique support of HuaZhong science and technology university .It also can supply the most modem and favorable automated logistics service to the customers by their requires.
★Our aim: Faithfulness forever, all our pursuing is your satisfaction.

ADD:#129 DaQuan Road, Huangshi Economical Development Zone, Huangshi city, Hubei China

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